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06 May 2020

The past few weeks have been hard for us as we are all now facing the uncertainties in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

We began to be more protective than ever, ensuring that the safety and health of ourselves are always well taken care of. There is nothing wrong about it, really. But dear, let us tell you that being protective can be done in delightful way.

While you may still have to go to work or in the urge for grocery shopping, wearing mask is mandatory. Instead of using disposable mask (which is supposed to be for our healthcare professionals), you'd better choose cloth mask. But choosing the right one can be tricky sometimes. Either the material turns out to be non-breathable or not suitable for sensitive skin, that kind of cloth mask will get you no further than uncomfortable feeling.

Thank God you can now find selections of the right cloth mask here:

Made from 100% cotton, soft and comfortable even for sensitive skin, ALLURA Cloth Mask will keep you company and protected during these uncertain times. The pastel colors and gorgeous hand-stitched flower ornament or printed ALLURA signature patterns on it will complete your protective/preventive look – making you stand out when mask on.





Since we are in this together, showing how much we care for others is a much needed act. Giving our family or friends some masks is a simple and heart-warming example. And choosing the headloop mask for those who wear hijab, is another thoughtful gesture. Oh dear, isn't it delightful to protect and care for each other during this difficult time?


We encourage you to keep on spreading the love and positivity. Don't lose hope and continue praying that this too shall pass. Stay safe and healthy! :)

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