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Besty Berliana
Allura's accessories are vivacious yet pretentious~ Full of hopes, desires and dreams in each of her design.. Sweet but bold.. Can't get enough of it♥♥

Ghina Alifia Q
Allura's accessories are great-designed and it suits girls&women in all age. kinda cute to wear and looks pretty. you will be more gorgeous if Allura's necklace is on your neck, and Allura's headpiece is on your hair ;)

Ning Fathia
Allura's accessories : Modern day Kartini look at its best.

I love Allura because all of their creations are beautiful, elegant & classic! the designs and colors used really suit my personal style ;) being elegant & classical with minimum expense! <3

Allura's necklace is over sweet, lovable, very classy and the detail looks perfectly fabulous

i think Allura's pieces are very pretty and lady-like and super sweet!

Shella ( I want the headpieces..allura's accecories is so simple but look elegant n glamour..n make people use allura's accecories look sweet..because allura's use many flowers n look girly n classic and so gorgeous..

Fetty Asihta Kencana Putri
Alllura are super gorgeous, adorable and stunning. And of course make us more feminine, chic and get more attention when wearing them. This is the best women accessories that I found in the town! Nasya is totally creative and have a high sense of beautiful art. :)
Love at first sight with Allura..

it suits me cause i love to wear plain and basic clothes and by wearing Allura's...voila! i get all the attention :D

Silvia Saleh
Allura's accessories designs are super gorgeous, charming, yet elegant! I just can't stop admiring what people can do with their own hands plus their magic creativity, that voila... produce something sooo awwmazing!
Maybe words are even not enough to describe their accessories!
Feminine but brave, cute but sassy, delicate but bold! Superb! ♥o♥

Jessica Paramartha
Allura's accessories are having a very cute, sweet, elegant, and also chic design. the accessories can make my style more chic and elegant especially the characteristics of their flowers design.. make more feminine for the girls!

Anisa Widya Prastuti
Allura is a glamorous, beautiful, and astonishing brand. Nasya Marissa designed and did every single pieces of her collection perfectly. always left her customers with a big smile on their face. Allura is the perfect place to order when you're going to a party or running out of accessories :)

Thamia Goesnawan
Allura Accessories is a brand with highly breathtaking designs. each piece simply depicts a beauty reflection of women with charming, sweet, and graceful details. Allura reveals a style secret to look exceedingly attractive for us young women.

Greita Anggraeni
Allura\'s accessories are truly gorgeous, despite the fact that just an accessories it can make everyone who wear allura\'s accessories looks stunning and elegant!Fegha Fannissa Dyananto

Fegha Fannissa Dyananto
Allura's accessories are truly gorgeous, despite the fact that just an accessories it can make everyone who wear allura's accessories looks stunning and elegant!

Allura's accessories are such as originally created and designed for the women who loves the beauty of floral artistic.

Hanna anindhita
i love allura's accecories because their pastel colour, it look elegant and sweet at the same time, it'll make you effortlessly feel pretty when you wearing it. as simple as that.

Allura's design is ethnical nature mixed with modern vintage concept which completely refers female's soft and beautiful sense. It's wow on it's vintage way and perfectly reflect an inner beauty of every females. This accessories will be one of the most favorite local accessories.

Dresiani Mareti
Allura's accessories are the mandatory accessories for every woman. When wearing it, it'll be radiated an aura of the mature femininity from the wearer. Something more brighter than others :)

Gian Aryanti
Alurra's accessories are pretty and elegant. Local product with international taste. and so Vintage. love them !

classic yet modern piece to complete your style, be it formal or fun. Unique color combination, beautifully arranged and lovely.

Venessa Jeremia
Allura is really feminine, with a hint of eclectic feel. And come in pretty colors too. I love it!

Lorreta F. Michelle
Allura has the most unique design and it comes in very cute colors. It's a girl must-have thing! :)

Allura has the most stunning, fabulous accessories ever ! the style is sooo classic with soft pastel colours. lovely !

Allura's accessories is one of a kind, you don't always get to see ur girl next door wear Allura's design, right? and its 100% proudly Indonesian. SO, what's not to like?? :))

Raden Ayu
Allura's accessories are perfectly beautiful.

I found Allura's facebook page by coincidence and fell in love with lots of the pieces especially the headpieces. The designs are so pretty, girly yet sophisticated. Reminds me of those greek goddesses, which i adore since i was a little girl.
And since im going to be a bride soon, i need a pretty unusual headpiece for my big day. Thinking to get one from Allura for the holy matrimony session. Unfortunately those pieces are selling like hotcakes!! the designs that i love already sold out (T__T) Thank Goodness Michelle throw this giveaway, so i hope i can finally get one of the headpiece for my upcoming big day.

Evelyn Tirza
Allura's accessories are charming,glamour,feminime,and cute most of the accessories have their own beauty and especially 100% handmade from Indonesia :D

Catherine Au Jong
I think Allura's accessories are really cute and feminine. They look nice with pastel colored outfits :)

allura has grgeous, feminine pieces that all look unique and well made.

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