21 January 2020




Start the new year right, they said.

As the New Year has just been in the corner, we probably have plenty of bright ideas and big dreams to pursue on the resolutions check-list. While setting the goals high is necessary to keep ourselves passionate and highly-motivated, we often keep the basic things that are equally essential off the list. Shifting to an eco-friendly and personalized way of living, for instance, is pretty much worth to consider.

Since the first month of the year hasn’t ended yet, it’s not too late to redefine New Year’s resolution, is it?

A fresh movement to start the year is supposed to be switching our plastic grocery bag to ALLURA Slouch Bag and our plastic bottle to ALLURA Tumbler. Not only we become the agent of change in making environment a bit better, but also the ultimate head-turner everywhere we go with those eco- friendly products tagging along. The captivating ALLURA signature flower details on each of them will catch anyone’s eyes altogether. Not to mention the name initials we can put to make them more personal, so to speak.

Talking about personal belongings, we must admit that sometimes there’s a point in life where we find all of them look very usual. Since it is 2020 already, we should be down in making our daily essentials as personalized as possible.

Say goodbye to basic electronic payment card and go extra miles with ALLURA Flazz or E-Money, comes with selection of colorful flowery designs and our embossed names on it. Rest assured, we can now shop and commute in style. Joining forces, ALLURA Power Bank, Bag Tag, Lanyard, and Pop Socket are the go-to we all must have to keep us from low battery or any kind of lost-and-(not)-found drama. The aesthetically pleasing design with our initials makes them attractive yet identifiable.

Don’t keep this redefined resolution close to the chest. Share. Let our beloved ones know we are heading (with pride and style) to eco-friendly and personalized lifestyle this year. Get them get used to it, too. Give them personalized daily essentials, as a gift or even dowry, as we believe personalized things somewhat ring true and more memorable. 

PS: Kindly please check out our various selection of ALLURA LIVING products, you will love it.

“Oh, what a sweet, sweet life it is to have everything personalized!”



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